Sleep consists of two very different parts: slow and fast. The first takes about 75% of the time, the second - the remaining 25%. NREM sleep restores physical power, REM sleep is responsible for restoring our mental state, recovery of cognitive (cognitive) capacity: concentration of attention, memory, speed and depth of analysis, the ability to take and accurate implementation of solutions. His other titles быстроволновой, paradoxical, stage of rapid eye movement (REM, or REM). During this time we have dreams, and people see as under the eyelids sleeping move eyeballs. If a person has an unsolved problem, the longer it will hold in REM sleep.

Types of dreams:

* Physiological, which reflect the state of our body. For example, if we're cold, we can see ourselves in the snowy forest.

* Creative. A vivid example - the periodic table of elements, приснившаяся Mendeleev.

* Actual. Those are the dreams in which we again and again, scroll memorable moments spent day.

* Compensation. The most pleasant dreams in which we have a great legacy, defeat enemies or hear coveted «love».

* Nightmares. This processing психотравматической information received recently.

* Prophetic dreams. We get a day some information, but do not realize it. And at night she oddly placed, forming a probabilistic forecast in the form of dreams

Sleep mode:

1. try to go to bed and get up at the same time.

2. do not look directly before bedtime TV, do not make long phone conversations.

3.not work in bed. The habit of taking in bed laptop causes the brain to associate the bed with active wakefulness.

4.not do before going to sleep too much fitness. But the light exercise may help sleep.

5 bedroom should not be hot. Maintain temperature of 18-25 0C.

6. no drink before bedtime coffee, Cola, don't eat chocolate - they all contain stimulating substances. Before going to sleep better not to smoke.

The best time to sleep in adults is an average of 7 hours. But individual rate of sleep each his own. She programmed genetically and does not change during life. It is very important to find - actually depends on our health, and performance.