Agoraphobia is one of the most common nowadays phobic disorders. This term is uniting the whole group fears that arise when one leaves his home is the safest place for him on earth. This includes such individual fears, like fear to go in the shops, the markets in various public places, travel, transport without accompanying persons, especially in the subway. A key point of all of these fears is that people do not imagine any way to handle these "dangerous" situations, he can't imagine how you can "escape" from damaging the territory of "life", in a safe zone - home.

The term "agoraphobia" originally meant fear of finding the market square. "Agora" in the Greek language means "market square". Agoraphobia, consequently, on its origin is the fear of the market, Bazaar, a place where many people gather together, where "full of life". Therefore, agoraphobia is a typical fear of life. A person suffering from agoraphobia, lives in constant expectation of attack panic, resulting begins to avoid the most different situations (traveling in public transport, country walks, shopping etc). Often the first attack occurs in a confined space station, cinema, shop, so as anxiety agoraphobia - a broader concept than just a fear of open spaces. Fear and anxiety - the oldest protective reactions of all living beings to a danger or her ability. This involuntary reaction aimed at self-preservation. They must be present in each of us (without them man could not live), but in an adequate situation quantity. Excess anxiety and fear reduces the quality of life, leads to the development of anxiety-phobic disorders. The anxiety experienced by patients with agoraphobia, so strong that the person never knew such feelings, it is impossible to present them.

Agoraphobia often begins at a young age is between 20 and 30 years. More often affects women. Primary starting moments can be the excessive use of caffeine, alcohol, a stressful situation. Imagine the following situation: at lunchtime carefree two friends are talking over a Cup of coffee. Exciting theme of the conversation, a few cups of coffee, cigarettes+ Unexpectedly, one of them begins to feel shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat (vegetative reaction to caffeine and nicotine), as a consequence - the anxiety and fear for their lives. Absolutely healthy woman suddenly felt as a threat to his life, understood that cannot die, the fear of death comes to panic, entirely subordinate to her. Once, having experienced such a state, she begins to expect it and avoid situations that can cause these feelings. Fear for your life, makes one turn to the doctor. Therapeutist, cardiologist, neuropathologist prescribed numerous surveys that do not reveal any pathology. Is the diagnosis "vegeto-vascular dystonia"or "диэнцефальные crises", or "симпатоадреналовые crises". Begins treatment drugs affecting the activity of the heart, blood vessels, nervous system.

Treatment is only a temporary or partial relief. People with agoraphobia is disappointed from ineffective treatment, changing doctors, makes re-examination with the confidence that the doctors ' mistake not to have found some inner disease". More loops back to his illness, depression. If you do not get the right treatment, fears start to grow like a snowball, and anxiety appears more and more. Life in all its manifestations - is becoming dangerous! In this case, man tries to avoid those situations from which there is no quick exit. As a result, such people do not travel in the subway and in General, in transport, in a cinema, sit as close to the exit, avoid crowds, etc. as The progression of this condition, patients with agoraphobia are increasingly dependent on close people - require constant supervision, considering that, thus, in case of emergency, they will receive timely help. Eventually, patients cease to leave the house. For example, one of my former patients not left their home in 15 years, having adapted to work at home. Currently, the course of treatment is the patient for three years is not leaving the limits of his apartment. The apartment is for such people - a place of peace. The further away from this place, the more panic.

Patients agoraphobia mentally healthy and needed help from a psychotherapist. Agoraphobia does not affect a person's intellectual abilities. But what really deserves attention, so it's a violation of the functions of internal organs.