This phrase said by one of the heroes of the film «the Wedding in Malinovka». Often, meeting and talking with complete strangers, we catch myself on the thought that unconsciously, initially, feel towards him sympathy or hostility. This is based on the transfer, i.e stranger, qualities, he is not inherent, and belonging meaningful to a person (object)from his past.

Types of migration - a great many. Here are some of them:

biographical shift : the relationship between the parents in the family or relationship between brothers and sisters person transfers as psychological pattern, the relationship with the spouse in his own family; and the attitude of parents, ourselves, transfers to a relationship with their children; transfer of relationship to the first teacher, the attitude to his boss at work.

- phenotypic transfer or positive attitude to the people who outwardly resemble close people, parents, friends.

- social (professional) transfer - transfer of a positive attitude to the people who belong to the same social (professional) group, and relatives of people (for example: if one of the parents is a teacher of the English language - friendly attitude to all предподавателям English; if the best friend works in a taxi, in service «135», all taxi drivers of this service is formed good attitude).

- other types of transfers, based on the characteristics of speech, behavior, habits significant people from his past: (for example: if my beloved sister slightly jars, for anyone with a similar speech defect, I warmly attitude; if, during the greeting, the man smiles and just shrugs, as the father - he is also doomed to a good attitude, априоре).

One should not forget that the transfer may be negative. But comparatively infrequently, we, with hostility, treat relatives and close friends.

«And why, it's I in you, such a lover?..»