I will not enumerate all the manifestations of this disease. About them, and so it is written sufficiently much. I would like to clarify some of the details associated with the origin, development and disease prognosis.

Psychotic anorexia is not eating delusional motives, often, on the background of ideas poisoning. Typical for organic involutional psychosis elderly and senile age. Elderly people stop eating, fearing that their poison. The basis for this, often serve property issues. In these cases, do not treat anorexia and psychosis and only in psychiatric hospitals.

Anorexia, like super valuable idea is typical for fat people who had really overweight, and began to lose weight using various diets. They, as a rule, cannot stop after reaching optimal weight and continue to lose weight, refusing from food, up to the complete exhaustion. The correction is used, rational-emotive therapy.

Anorexia, under stress - occurs most commonly: start the process of insults and conviction of the person for his overweight other people ( friends, family etc).«You fat, ugly...». First of all adjusted disturbed emotional background.

«Cultural» anorexia in it are guilty templates, stereotypes about morphological standards imposed by society, media, television. For girls - it кахектичное frail physique, a pale, sallow complexion. For men - a V-shaped physique, traced abdominal etc.

Recognize the type of anorexia and if he is psychotic - only hospital; in other cases it is out-patient treatment by a therapist.