Eating disorders get the size of this epidemic, especially among young girls, стремящих imitate their celebrity idols. Anorexia nervosa is a serious complex disease, about which, unfortunately, we know far not all.

In anorexia blame. Anorexia does not mean that parents incorrectly brought up her child. Cultural, genetic and personal factors interact closely with the events of life that creates fertile ground for the emergence and development of eating disorders of psychological character.

In анокресии there is nothing pleasant. Many people observing a grueling diet, rash to claim that dream ill with anorexia. They only see the obvious manifestation of this disease to excessive leanness, but do not notice the dangers of this "fashion" of the disease. Patients with anorexia not proud of their ideal figure and not feel incredibly beautiful; if you talk with such a person, learn about it a lot - for example, that the girl, whose weight is 55 kilograms with an increase meter eighty, he considers himself a thick, unattractive and нестильной. Patients suffer from anorexia single moment of issuing a sense of our own imperfection, they are scared and are cornered her fears.

From anorexia just not get off, this is not the disease, which reminds of itself once a month. Consciousness patients with anorexia not belong to them, they can't control their feelings. Such people are literally obsessed with the weight, the food, the extra calories and the image of his own body. Many disease hurts even in a dream - they have nightmares, Intrusive dreams about food and nutrition. In the dream the poor sufferers and страдалицы continue to count calories and come to dread from scored 100 grams. Anorexia is terrible disease, that pulls out his sacrifice of normal life and condemns her loneliness. Anorexia is very difficult to cure. Sometimes against it go away for years.

Anorexia can lead to death. By the way, anorexia has the highest percentage of mortality among psychological diseases. If you or someone you know symptoms of eating disorders, proceed without delay - contact a doctor for help.

Specific symptoms of anorexia:

Patient with anorexia primarily distinguishes reluctance to maintain the weight corresponding to its Constitution, age and height. If to be exact, the normal weight of a person shall be of 85% or less percent of the weight, which is considered a standard for a person of such physique, age and height.

As a rule, a victim of anorexia constantly feels the relentless fear recover and gain weight, and this fear is completely supersede all other feelings and emotions.

This fear is real weight of the person, and not let his sacrifice even when it is on the verge of starvation. First of all, the causes of anorexia lie in low self-esteem, which is also one of the main symptoms of this serious disease. Patient with anorexia believes that his weight, parameters of the shape and size are directly connected with self-awareness and personal status. Victims of anorexia often deny the seriousness of his condition and can not objectively evaluate the own weight.

Another symptom, characteristic for women, menstrual disorder and the absence of at least three menstrual periods in a row. In particular, a woman is diagnosed with amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), if monthly she starts only after hormonal therapy (for example, the introduction of estrogen).

There are two types of behavior in anorexia nervosa:

- Limit - patient voluntarily limits the intake of food and eats not to spoil, and then provoke vomiting.

- Cleansing - patient объедается, and then provoking vomiting or abusing laxatives, diuretics or enemas.

Unlike depression or panic attacks, anorexia nervosa is poorly treated. There is no universal and effective medication against anorexia. First, doctors prescribe medicines of General purpose, which is used for treatment of any health problems, for instance, anomalies electrolysis or heart rhythm disorders.

Antidepressants: many patients with anorexia nervosa also suffer from depression, and some of the symptoms of these diseases can be eliminated with the use of antidepressants. However, no data proving the efficacy of antidepressants in the treatment of anorexia. Moreover, antidepressants can have various side effects, which will only aggravate the condition of patients. Studies have shown that treatment for anorexia is much more effective when the weight of patients approaching normal.