Few people know that anxiety is not only disturbing thoughts, behavior, muscle and vegetative tension, but also a number of metabolic changes, changes in the blood picture.

So in General blood may see the following changes: increase in the number of leukocytes, the medium-corpuscular volume of erythrocytes, increase concentration and mean corpuscular hemoglobin hemoglobin, increased red blood cell distribution width, accelerated ESR, speed of blood coagulation.

In the biochemical analysis of blood show increased levels of glucose, bilirubin, cholesterol, sometimes - urea due to the intensification of intensive protein distraction.

All these changes are adaptive in nature and are used for human adaptation to the impending danger, accelerate energetic and plastic currency.

I would like to focus on raising the level of cholesterol, which «clears the candle» and is causing unnecessary use of statins, incidentally, is very toxic.

I would like to get into his diocese and give some recommendations for correction of the level of cholesterol. Adverse combination of LDL with high viscosity of blood and elevated blood clots forms the risk of acute cerebral and coronary complications. Effective противотревожная therapy reduces the level of cholesterol.

Sources of omega-3 fatty acids: fatty fish - herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines.

Sources фитостерина - reduce the level of harmful fractions of cholesterol LDL: sesame seeds, sunflower, pumpkin, pine nuts, almond, olive oil.

Sources of polyphenols (blue-purple fruit) - blueberry, pomegranate, black currant, red grapes, chokeberry, cranberry juice. Preparations of magnesium and calcium are нелекарственными statins. Reception of lacto - and bifidobacteria. Vitamin D3. Drugs nicotinic acid - accelerate the metabolism of cholesterol. Dark chocolate (70% cocoa). Control over the level of cholesterol, including treatment of anxiety disorders, is the prevention of many dangerous complications.