Peculiarities of the personality of man: anxiety-anomala psychotype.

Emotional condition preceding the sickness: negative affective baggage, which eats up all the resources, forms a pessimistic view of the situation.

Their own negative experience with similar conditions in the past, I mean relapse.

Having similar, persistent States of the relatives and acquaintances.

Distorted, inaccurate, pessimistic view about the current forecast of the consequences of this state, причерпнутое of media, on TV, social networks, forums, etc.

Complete lack of information about the nature of the existing disorders - «fear has big eyes».

Intimidation («motivation») a health care provider to people «imbued with the seriousness of the emergency» and became addicted to the doctor - emotional attachment to the identity of the doctors, such a wise, who knows all the answers, and he would help resolve the problem.

Self-treatment. Lack of desire to be cured, when the available disorder brings obvious benefit to the person, attention, care, care, material goods, the ability to not work etc.

Peculiarities of education in which a person was forbidden to realize and Express their emotions: алекситимическое education with parental concerns boys: «you're strong, you're the future man, don't show, you're scared, don't cry...»