Depression is a disease that can bring a man out of emotional balance for a long time and significantly impair quality of life (work

activity, personal relationships, leisure etc).

Depression can occur as a reaction to the preceding psychological trauma or a negative event (death of a loved one, dismissal etc),

however, often it develops for no apparent reason.

It is important to know that:

- Depression respond well to treatment, which results in complete recovery.

- Talk about your problem is to make the first step on the way to recovery from depression.

Typical symptoms of depression:

Longing, sadness, anxiety or irritability.

- Difficulty in falling asleep, repeated awakenings or too early awakening.

- Loss of interest in work, eating, and sexual life.

- Feelings of guilt and inferiority, and hopelessness about the future.

- Difficulties in assembling and constant fatigue.

- Weight loss or weight gain.

- Headaches, pain in the heart, back (without organic cause).

- Excessive concern about their health.

- Thoughts of suicide and death.

Male depression

Depression in men is often recognized with difficulty. This is due, on the one hand, a widespread mistaken belief that telling others about their problems and not

to be able to cope with them is a sign of the weakness of man, and on the other hand, the fact that men often hide their depression for aggressive behavior and/or

alcohol abuse.

Alcohol is not the only means by which the attempt to relieve depression or disguise it. Immersing in work, active sport or hobby

many species that are associated with the risk or extreme situations, and gambling all this may indicate depression in men.

Typical symptoms of depression in men:

- Decrease in resistance to stress.

- Co-phenomenon of uncertainty in decision making.

- Aggressive and hostile behavior.

- Alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence.

- The syndrome of "burnout".

- Manifestation of impulsive behavior.

- Passion for extreme sports, intentional excessive physical activity.

- Thoughts of suicide and death.