This expression is familiar to all. And, in fact, whether you need to find, this vest? All depends on the person, characteristics of his personality and by each specific situation. What are the positive sides of this «crying»?

Telling another person about your problem (often, this person is not a close friend or a good friend, and maybe, just random counter) a person elevates, casts a part of the emotional negativity affect associated with this problem. I.e. the problem of the «de-energized» and, partially, дезактуализируется.

When presenting the issue to another person narrator is not the situation from the inside, and beside her. Looks at it in the abstract side, distance, and, accordingly, includes logic». Often, in the course of the story, one stops and says: «I understood that I should do!» When a person shares the negative with the other, then he symbolically shares responsibility for his condition between themselves and the listener: «After all, you now know what my problem, and, therefore, are responsible for what happens to me...» And finally, one cannot exclude the possibility that you will give valuable advice after hearing the story...

So cry or not is a personal matter. However, it is always pleasant, when there is trusted close person, with whom you can share part of the burden...Well, in extreme case, come and passer-by.