Remember the words of the children's song? «Orange sun,orange sky, orange sing...» I Suggest you look at the world through orange glasses, mentally using the appropriate filter.

Take a comfortable position. To do this, you can sit on the chair in the «posture coachman with his legs resting his chin on his chest. You can

take a position reclining in an armchair. You can lie on the floor on his back. Close your eyes and try to remember the orange different things that you had to deal in life: the orange cover of a notebook or books, orange car, orange dress shirt... Try not represent the «orange cover General», the «orange car in General», «orange dress at all»... it should be specific: «such is the notebook was in my tenth grade,» «that's such a car of my friend», «here in this dress was my daughter three days ago»... Well, if material for this exercise you «наработаете on the fly», trying to notice, in the current days, all around, having orange colors and shades, and then use these objects, things, phenomena in the exercise. Remembering a few dozen orange things you will notice changes in his condition, a burst of energy and activity mood.

If you want to oust the alarm, then perform this exercise with the use of light-blue shades. Bright shades of blue relaxes, and lead into a state of balance.