In the study of fears decided to classify them into groups. The first group - the normal or instinctive fears that are associated with the immediate danger for the existence.

The second group - the fears associated with the social environment.

And third, the most misunderstood band - existential fears that are associated with the inner, individual world with his ability to live not only for the present, and перепроживать the past and predict the future. Existential fears are rooted stem from the past, occur in the present, and directed in the future.

It is existential fears - the most complex and deep group fears: the fear of death, imprisonment, isolation and meaninglessness. A religious man, a believer in the Savior (the Lord God, Christ, the Pope, or other обожествляемую essence), easier experiencing existential fears, because he believes in the protection and assistance of his patron. Harder to overcome your fears are not believers.

To realize the essence of death we begin in childhood with 7-8 years of age, usually confronted directly with the death of loved ones. Studies have shown that patients with neurosis often lost their parents at an early age, compared to healthy people. If they die, not my parents, and other relatives, the way a child cope with the fear of death, largely depends on the support of parents, as well as the parents of the transfer loss.

Next fear refers to the problem of balance between freedom and responsibility or the freedom of choice and determine with a decision. In our country for several generations were deprived of freedom of choice. Choose for the man carried out by the Communist party and featureless most. Now the pendulum has moved in the other direction, and the criterion for choice is a personal welfare at any cost. Fear makes search for the point of equilibrium between their desires and responsibility towards other people, and find it without formed moral principles is not easy.

The role of the fear of isolation increases with the development of computerization and the replacement of live communication on the Internet, a surrogate. But human need for belonging to a group, as well as a necessity in interpersonal relationships do not meet the technical means. The cause of the fear of loneliness is a lack of confidence, the failure itself as a unique, bright individuality and, as a consequence, the excessive dependence on the opinions of others.

Fear of meaninglessness of life especially dangerous. When exacerbating other life difficulties, it leads to depression and suicide. It is very hard to мгновенностью our life in the boundless universe, understand and accept that you have to actively participate in their life, joys and hardships were to find their own unique meaning, to see the positive in any situation and be happy with what you have.