Formation of the spiritual world comprehensively, harmoniously developed personality involves the use of complex and systematic approaches in the course of her education. A comprehensive and systematic impact on all factors of formation of the spiritual culture from the socio - economic relations to environmental rehab moral - psychological atmosphere : it is necessary in the process of formation and development of communicative skills of students.

Creation of a culture of personality, which includes the effect of both objective and subjective factors, interacting with each other, is not only a result of the conscious and focused on it by the impact, but also spontaneously, under the influence of objective conditions of life of the people.

The world of material things, reflected in consciousness teenager, gives rise to a certain attitude towards them, creates a need for them, the criteria for their evaluation. This causes the objective inclusion in social life, in addition to their desires and aspirations. Seemingly, this feature of human existence does not give the bases to speak about possibility of the formation of the spiritual world for a given model. However, people in the process of wealth creation опредмечивают their goals and will enter into relations with other people, i.e. act in accordance with the established norms of social communication. Considering this is one of the important conditions for the development of the concept of formation of the personality, its spiritual world.

Relations in groups as their transformation into groups naturally change. First, they are relatively without a variety of people, not knowing or knowing little of each other, can not definitely applies to each other), then can become contentious, and under favorable conditions turn into a collectivist. All this usually occurs over a relatively short period of time, during which the individuals that make up a group, may not have changed as a person. Each person has its positive and negative traits, their specific advantages and disadvantages.

In any youth organization should be joyful atmosphere. Teenager should spend their free time in the atmosphere of mutual respect of people. Deprived of this feeling, the person is not able to respect their relatives, fellow citizens, their Homeland, make good for the people. The teacher must create and maintain comfortable conditions for development of a person in particular and the whole team. Only under such conditions teenager once once in a favorable environment will strive again and again to visit in a similar situation, trying to get away from the more aggressive environment (on the street, at home, at school).