This article is a reprint articles like this and-net, and is the result of 13 years of experience, multiplied by a certain technical (read psychotherapy basis).

Inner harmony, according to philosophical musings, on the ability of the person to form and to meet their priority to the wishes and needs (in a given time). Like, it's simple, but... Consider the basic mechanisms that violate this process and, hence, and harmony:

1. Projection - under this arrangement man can create his desires, but the project them onto the other person, and, as a consequence, the possibility of realizing the needs dependent on the other person. Example: «You must be tired and you want to eat?» (translate - «I was tired and hungry.») This mechanism is typical for anxiety-evading personalities.

2. Интроекция - under this arrangement man does not generate their desires and meets someone else's needs. Example: «I should (must) to do it now.» This mechanism is typical for the discerning, ананкастных personalities.

3. Merger - under this arrangement man cannot formulate their needs, because depersonalizes themselves, merges with the environment. Example: We (people, society, government, workers etc) want ...». This mechanism is typical for schizoid personalities.

4. Polarization - if this mechanism is complicated formation desires of internal fluctuations, contradictions. Example: «I want and don't want to, simultaneously...I am and I'm against, at the same time...» This mechanism is typical for anxiety personalities.

5. Ретрофлексия - under this arrangement people shape their desires, but does not implement them due to internal lock (common cause false guilt) Example: Mother buys fruit child, but their not eating (although very good, because it feels guilt that «the insects eat round» of the child.

If You find yourself in one of these examples - draw conclusions and be happy.