Briefly, let me remind you that sleep disorders are divided into quantitative: insomnia, hypersomnia, disorders of sleep - wakefulness and quality: night terrors, nightmares. Separately, they produce more, " the dreamstride (somnambulism).

The typical approach to solving the problems of insomnia is the selection of the «miracle pill», which, on a plan of the patient, and, often, and the doctor must return the long-awaited dream. However, this approach has many pitfalls:

1.Собственно speaking, the difficulty selection of drugs to which the patient responds well.

2.Дневные effects of taking sleeping pills (sedative drug), in particular, motor retardation and cognitive impairment.

3.Токсическое drug action on organs and systems (which, inevitably, will, because people have to permanently take the drug).

4.Полное off of the patient from the process of treatment.

5.Психическая human dependence on a drug.

6.Зависимость from a doctor who writes a prescription.

7.Лекарственный sleep, in your resource action, much worse natural, even if the person «gets» it by the hour. Disrupted the structure of sleep, reduced REM phase of sleep, which violates the desensitizing effect of sleep in respect of psychological conflict.

8.И, the most important, is that sleeping pills are not a cure, but only remove unwanted symptom, время.При emergence of drug resistance - have to increase the dose, switch to the more stringent medications etc.

For psychotherapeutic correction uses techniques that can be easily acquired by the patient: ideatornoy relaxation, behavioral therapy, NLP, nondirective аутогипнотизации. If You want to be master of his sleep - then be them.