An important component in the structure of the orientation of the individual is of interest. Reflecting the orientation of the personality, interest directs all mental processes in the form of activity on a different course, activates activity of the individual, corresponding to their interests. [1]

Focus includes two closely interconnected issues: a) the subject matter, because the focus is always focus on something, at some more or less definite object, and b) voltage that emerge.

In an increasing contact with the outside world, a person faces all the new items and the parties to the reality. Where, due to other circumstances that ever gets some significance for a human being, it can cause him to interest - specific focus on his personality.

The word "interest" has many meanings. One might be interested in something and be interested in something. Are things different, while certainly related. We may be interested in people, in which we are not interested, and we can in some circumstances be interested in a person who is not interesting. [2, p.147]

As well as the needs and worked with them to public interests - interests in the sense in which we speak in the social Sciences about the interests, - determine the "interest" in the psychological sense, and determine its direction, it originated. Being in this sense, derived from the public interest, the interest in psychological its importance not тожествен nor with the public interest in General, nor the subjective his party. Interest in the psychological sense of the word is a specific orientation of the personality, which only indirectly caused by the realization of its public interest.

Specificity of interest, distinguishes it from other tendencies expressing personal orientation, is that the interest is to focus on a certain subject thoughts, causing the desire to become better acquainted with it, penetrate deeper in it, not to lose his field of vision. Interest - trend or orientation of the personality, which consists in the concentration her thoughts on a certain subject. Under such thought we mean a complex and indecomposable education - directed thought, the thought of caring, thought-part, thought-inclusion, within itself and contains specific emotional coloring. [3]

An essential property of interest is that he is always directed on an object (in the broad sense of the word). If the inclinations and needs in the stage of attraction can still talk to both internal momenta, reflecting the internal organic condition and initially deliberately not associated with an object, that interest is the required interest to an object, to something or someone does irrelevance of interest exists. "Опредмеченность" interest and consciousness are closely connected; or rather, they are two sides of one and the same; in awareness of the subject that aims interest, and is manifested primarily voluntary interest.

Interest is the motive that acts by virtue of its conscious of the significance and emotional appeal. In each interest is usually in some measure represented both the moment, but the relation between them at different levels of consciousness can be different. When the overall level of consciousness or awareness of this low interest, dominates the emotional appeal. On this level of consciousness on the question of why are interested in that, there is only one answer: interested in, because interested in, like, because they like. [4]

The higher the level of consciousness, the more important the interest plays awareness of the objective significance of the tasks, which include the people. However, no matter how high and strongly consciousness objective significance of the relevant tasks, it cannot exclude emotional appeal that is of interest. In the absence of more or less immediate emotional appeal will be the consciousness of the importance of the duties of the debt, but will not be interested.

Self emotional state, triggered by the interest, or, more precisely, the emotional component of interest, has a specific character, excellent, in particular, from the fact that accompanies or expressing a need: when not get the satisfaction of needs, life is difficult; when not receive food interests or not, live boring. Obviously, with interest linked to specific manifestations of the emotional sphere.

Being caused by emotional appeal and conscious of the significance, the interest is manifested primarily in the attention. As an expression of the General orientation of the individual, interest covers all mental processes of perception, memory, thinking. Guiding them on a different course, interest, however, activates activity of the individual. When a man works with interest, it is known to be easier and more productive works.

The interest to this or that subject to science, music, sport makes to the relevant activities. Thus generates interest tendency or goes into it. We distinguish interest as an orientation for encouraging us to do them, and the tendency to focus on the relevant activities. Distinguishing we, however, and link them closely. But they cannot be regarded as тожественными. So, the person or another interest in technology can be combined with the lack of inclination to the activity of an engineer, any side of him unattractive; thus, within unity is possible, and the contradiction between interest and inclination. However, since the subject of the directed activity, and activity aimed at this subject, are inextricably linked and each other go, interest and inclination too, are interrelated and often difficult to establish between them face.