It happens that depression is manifested not so much a bad mood, how many poor health, as it happens in «ordinary», physical illnesses. Of course, mood also can be reduced, but it is perceived as a natural response to ill health. Therefore, in such cases, the person turns to the local doctor, and makes regular, usual for this specialist complaints of General weakness, malaise, fatigue. In addition, patients complain of pain or discomfort in the body, and these pain and sensations may appear anywhere. Some of us have more or less constant ( in the region of the heart, abdomen etc), other «wander» through the body and cause to complain of the heart, joints, on the stomach. The district doctor is in a difficult position. He, of course, examine his patient. It should be noted that every adult in the result of a thorough examination is always possible to find something «wrong», any deviation from the norm. A doctor makes the diagnosis, begins to heal the patient from cardiovascular or gastrointestinal disease, and there is no result. Moreover, the patient begins to experience unpleasant side-effects from the drugs, the picture is confused, the doctor appoints repeated examinations and consultations; begins a long walk on cabinets and medical institutions. Destination change, but no improvement, new troubles connected with the side effects of drugs, and again repeated consultations and examinations... There are many people who for years go from one doctor to another, are treated from a dozen different diseases around with the same result. There are worse when the doctor says to the patient, that he симулянт. People naturally offended because he really feels very badly, and the case becomes very nasty turnover: complaints appear, proceedings, conflicts, which, naturally, does not decorate life.

The patient becomes «chronic», a regular visitor to the clinic. Sooner or later one has the feeling that nobody knows what he was ill and how it should be treated. Some are beginning to think that suffer rare or even unique disease.

Those patients who were lucky, sent for consultation with a psychiatrist. It is easy to recognize depression, appoint an appropriate treatment and case very quickly goes smoothly. The idea is trivial: the success of the treatment depends on the correct diagnosis. But the diagnosis «masked depression» is very difficult. Therefore, not only doctors, but also patients helpful to have some guidelines, features, which help at least suspected of yourself (or someone) is a disease. So what are the signs?

The first sign of diagnosis. Here is a list of diagnoses, which are often placed in such cases:

Vegetative-vascular dystonia

Transient hypertension

Osteochondrosis of the spine


Neurosis stomach

Вертебробазилярная failure


Dysmenorrhea ambiguous Genesis

CAUTION: do not think that these diagnoses are always a mistake! All of these diseases do exist. Simply depression is often chooses them as a «mask». Therefore, when such diagnosis must always remember that in fact it may be masked depression. Need to check whether this is so.

The second topic, which is suggestive of depression is an absence of clear and full results of the survey, the relevant alleged disease. Of course, knows this is first of all a doctor, not the patient, and therefore should talk with your doctor about the results of the survey. Unfortunately, doctors are not always honest with our patients, and therefore an indirect sign of such a situation are all new and new tests and consultations. The third symptom - improvement and deterioration of health, which occur regardless of treatment, by themselves, especially if they match with a certain season of the year. The fourth characteristic is typical symptoms of depression that is always there, though ascribed to natural reaction to physical illness. It: low mood, especially in the first half of the day; inability to get pleasure from anything; reduced productivity; the feeling of dullness problems, memory (often patients say «I поглупел»); sleep disorders; weight loss. The fifth sign: masked depression is very common! More than half of people who regularly attend the clinic, suffer from it.