Music is an important aspect of life человека.Она has the ability to influence people's consciousness and behavior. Different music has its effect on человека.Самой unfavorable for the organism music is РОК.Данное for ruining many parts of the мозга.Но this does not mean,that was the end of everything! What need is music therapy?

Using music therapy can change their psycho-emotional state,elimination of negative emotions, and neurosis.

Types of healing music:

- Classic

- Sounds of nature

- The sound of animals

All these melodies extremely positively affect ALL systems of the organism!

Sections of the influence of music:

To reduce the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty(Chopin Mazurka,Strauss Waltzes)

To reduce irritability(Bach Cantata", Beethoven's "moonlight Sonata" ,"Symphony in a minor)

For General успокаения(Schubert "Ave Maria", Chopin Nocturne in g minor,Debussy "the Light of the moon")

Against a headache(Mozart "don Giovanni",Worksheet"Hungarian Rhapsody")

To set the mood (Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony,part 3",Beethoven Overture Edmond")

Sounds of nature:

Sea and dolphins to sleep and sleep

A Nightingale singing-soothes,relieves stress,cure neurosis.

The sounds of the forest-a beneficial effect on ALL body systems.

Peculiarities of application:

IMPORTANT!!!Sessions held before bedtime , duration not more than 30 minutes. Using these guidelines, you can improve your health and restore peace of mind.