Fears arise during the deepest phase of sleep, when to Wake a person is very difficult, and sometimes impossible. As a rule, this is a very short and quick sleep. Most often, these fears are children. Since this kind of dream prevails in the beginning of night terrors usually occur within the first hour of sleep. Often they are accompanied by a heart-rending cries and turbulent autonomic reactions of the organism - eyes wide open, the heart out of the chest, shiver all the time, the person is covered later, in short, is in a panic state. Episodes can last from one to several minutes. After some time the man back to sleep and usually the next morning remembers nothing.

Night terrors provoked strong emotional upheavals impressions or stormy emotions, and there is nothing pathological. But if they start to chase you more and more frequently, perhaps, a sign of strong stress, anxiety or aggression, and you should consider them very seriously. Nightmares occur in the phase of sleep with rapid movements of the eyeballs, then the person wakes up and remembers the content of the dream. Regardless of the absurdity of the plot and the absurdity of the situation such dreams always very dynamic and frightening. Although these dreams are just terrible, they usually not accompanied by significant physiological reactions in the form of sweating, increased heart rate and breathing. Cause nightmares is also tension, excitement and nervous shocks. Why we dream the dreams? There are several sources of bad dreams, as a purely «technical»and very serious psychological.

1. The «culprit» the nightmare can become a real irritant. For example, a loud sound (something in your apartment may fall down and break), noise outside the window, a sudden boost your neighbor in bed or an unexpected call from a mobile phone. If you Wake up from a short but sharp impact, most likely, just guess what it is, and will be able to sleep on. But when a stimulus is stopping you, but you cannot Wake, then the next morning you Wake up with an unpleasant feeling of «bad dream», which can have a long leave you alone.

2. Often a source of terrible dreams can serve as an emerging disease or physical disorder. Suppose dream that you chop off your head, and you Wake up with an agonizing migraines. Or else in sleep you burn in a fire, and when he awoke, discover a high temperature. It happens that periodically in the dream comes the same situation, for example, you see stuck in the belly of the sword, which means the development of chronic diseases such as gastritis.

3. It happens that the nightmare performs the function of the amplifier real fears and works as a self-preservation instinct, that man might fear and avoid threatening situations in real life. These dreams are a kind of warning. For example, the nightmares of drops strengthen and support the fear of height at the required level.

4. Most often in nightmares manifest our hidden phobias, conflict, aggression, a very strong fear of something. If the subconscious mind is constantly fed thoughts about any fear or dread situation, then in dreaming it gives way this momentum, and we finally see this terrible scene. For example, you цепенеете before the big dog and always afraid of meeting with them, and here comes the night, and a huge dog lunges at you and bite. Thus your brain satisfied constantly requested the plot. To get rid of them? Get rid of terrible dreams once and for all is of course impossible, because we will never know all the ways and secrets of the work of our subconscious. But to prevent that from happening if we analyze the fear and properly arrange the conditions of their sleep.

1. Deal with your fear in reality. For example, you are afraid of heights, or fire, or large wild animals, and these pictures come to you in dreams. Try to realize and think through this fear: how he's strong and dangerous, how probable is the actual events as it will be easier to live without him. When you efficiently treat him in life, the work of the dream would not be what, and night concern cease.

2. Review your nightmare - why, then, on or before than you dreamed. Maybe there is a systematic relationship between any of the events and night visions. For example, you see something terrible before an exam, or the annual report on the work, or you afraid his mother-in-law, and after meeting her, to you is the monster. If you are such a link found before going to bed, try to think about the situation, assume both good and bad outcomes, calm down and go to sleep. Work for the unconscious again left.

3. Avoid external stimuli before going to sleep: do not watch horror films and thrillers transfer, play a computer game and killing monsters, set aside unpleasant conversations and traumatic memories, don't read scary books.

4. Follow before going to bed, a certain rite for example, drink tea, wash up, brush your teeth, read a magazine and go to sleep - get into the rhythm, a familiar, quiet, safe, and this fall asleep.

5. If fears are chasing you constantly, do not create absolute darkness in the room. It is better that all the items were clearly visible, and you felt that there's something threatening.

6. Take care of the hygiene of sleep. Ventilate the room before going to sleep, close the Windows, followed by a noisy street or neighbors, turn off the TV, PC and your mobile. Pick a comfortable mattress, pillow, blanket and select the best location beds.

7. If you often get angry at work or due to personal problems, constantly think about a problem or a bad event, please overnight sedative or basic valerianu.