Panic disorder: nocturnal panic attacks.

Many people panic attacks during sleep or during waking up from a night of rest are rather common.


1. Nocturnal panic attacks can be caused by bad nightmares

2. It can be a direct result of stress that is experienced on the eve during the day time. Very often nocturnal panic attacks start happening after a major change in human life.

3.Панические attack may be connected with the strong constant voltage and the condition of the continuous anxiety, the deep concern and strong stress that last a long time (so-called accumulated negative emotional baggage)

If a person controls their behavior and does not allow himself to give way to emotions during the day (i.e. it works on the mechanism of displacement affect), then during sleep they may cause nightmares and bad dreams, and acute attacks of anxiety disorders.

Therefore, one of the instruments for treatment of nocturnal panic attacks are not only антифобические drugs, but also training of Mature mechanisms of psychological protection, in particular sublimation and rationalization. Panic attack at night is a symptom, speaking about the General imbalance psychological state of tension and everyday stress. And if by themselves panic attacks during sleep, usually do not cause a person to physical harm, fear and horror that they cause, could be real and cause physical pain caused by stress, headache or pain in the muscles, especially in the back and shoulders.

Nocturnal panic attacks are harmful because they disrupt normal sleep and not allow a person to get a full night's rest. Sometimes people are just afraid of the next attack panic attacks and so afraid to fall asleep, which leads to chronic insomnia, which is not regulated by sedatives.