After a panic attack occurs in the first, usually, most people do not understand what happened. In trying to determine his status, the correct diagnosis and find the right treatment, many are one and the same path: ambulance call to the house. Ambulance pumps up the patient's soothing and drugs that lower blood pressure and heartbeat, after which advises go to a doctor-neurologist or psychiatrist. Special studies on large contingents, showed that up to 30% of patients in panic disorder (PR) resorted to "ambulance", in population this indicator is equal to 1%.

Man tries to link their state with disease of any organ, such as the heart, stomach, thyroid gland, and calls to the appropriate doctor. Having examined by many doctors, the patient receives a diagnosis that there is a minor functional changes of the body, but by and large everything is in order. The doctor makes a diagnosis, vegetative-vascular dystonia and recommends treated by a neurologist. the patient, having got to a neurologist learns that it really has a vegeto-vascular dystonia, what to drink vitamins and soothing medicines. Having begun to take tranquilizers, people for some time becomes more quiet, but over time the alarm again increasing, especially after drug treatment has finished, and again appear panic attacks.

Following the specialist to whom you will, most likely, will psychiatrist who listening to the sad story of the adventures of the different doctors mentally diagnosed neurosis or schizophrenia (if a doctor of the old Soviet leaven) and writes you a complex scheme involving полсборника psychopharmacology: neiroleptiki, antidepressants, tranquilizers, nootropics, drugs, improving blood circulation, antispasmodics and anticonvulsants. Patients have all it takes are not only panic attacks, generally passes all: they don't want it any move in this life, everything becomes "damn, he walks with difficulty through the apartment, besotted lots of drugs.

If he will go to the psychiatrist, he has the opportunity, that the doses are gradually reduce and even some of them canceled. But the surprising thing is that immediately after the cancellation of certain drugs, panic attacks begin again. Then the psychiatrist again starts conjuring over the regimen of medicines and assign you a new, and again you 24 hours a day are in a state of hibernation. more luck to those who enters to the therapist, who immediately correctly writes antidepressant and some tranquilizer, and carry a rational therapy, telling you about the causes of panic attacks and what follows from it, or uses hypnosis. It comforts much more, but does not preclude the recurrence of the disease after the abolition of drug therapy.