Fear is a pronounced идеаторную, muscle, vegetative, синестопатическую, a metabolic reaction of the organism in the interaction (collision) with certain specific objects, events, situations.

Man is born free, and fears. They are formed in the course of life, as a result of incorrect information, improper upbringing in children: «don't go on the Elevator get stuck, come not near to the edge - you fall, to avoid unknown - tucked into the bag and carry...» Many of them make the transition to adulthood in the form of claustrophobia, аккрофобии, social phobia. Many of the fears arise on the basis of their own negative experience.

What are the necessary conditions to make everyday situation is potentially dangerous (фобическую):

1.Личностные characteristics of a person (as a rule, these are people with anxiety-evading character traits.

2.Наличие current negative emotional baggage.

3.Когнитивная суженность (weakness), as a result of many contributing factors, malnutrition, lack of sleep, psycho-physical overload, primary system or the Central nervous system and etc.

In other words, the reason of occurrence of fear is a lack of analytical, rational approach in the interpretation of the phenomena, directly or indirectly affecting the individual. After a single psycho-vegetative attack changing human behavior, avoidant, is reduced quality of life, joins the secondary depression. Once developed the fear in certain situations, later played conditionally reflexively, pursuant to the principle. It follows from this one simple conclusion: pills fear can not be cured. Interrupt conditioned reflex possible only with the use of psychotherapeutic methods behavioral, gipnosuggestevna and others.