How long to treat panic isolated phobia or anxiety and can they be cured? Issues of this kind comes quite a lot.

In order to cure a mental disorder (of course it is not about organic CNS lesions on the background of severe traumas, strokes, tumors etc) should form two patterns: the psychological and physiological. - psychological template: is determined by the current emotional state, affective Luggage. Well-developed pharmacotherapy in harmony with психотехниками, resource and personality-oriented techniques creates emotionally comfortable state, which is perceived initially as an «improvement», then «status stabilization» and finally, «for granted». Then, on the background дезактуализации previous traumatic experiences, «life comes to normal».

Consistently good state governed by and lifestyle, habits, Dating, social ties, manner of dress, and, in General, to present themselves. And if, on that background the ordinary well-being» occurs stressor of any origin, then it is considered as «a random element», it is not fixed attention and, consequently, not «accelerates» own associative processes easier to rationalize and understanding, and may not be noticed at all... physiological template: is rebuilding (remodeling) the activity of certain receptors. Defined duration of drug therapy.

On the basis of empirical assumptions and was, initially, intercomparison about the duration of pharmacotherapy. For example, for most эутимиков (antidepressants) it is not less than 9 months for the treatment of depressive and phobic States.