To understand the effect of psychotherapy may be the sequence of first panic attack, and then and just panic disorder.

Here as usually occurs:

It all starts with the traumatic situation. A person is faced with intense emotions of fear, anger and other (for example, death of a loved one, a tax audit, the scandal with his beloved mother-in-law, divorce). The emotional experience is so intense, that it in all its glory imprinted on his brain. People like swallows all this negative отравляясь them. Especially it concerns low-key people and «strong personalities»who prefer to «adequately» to overcome adversity.

Further, due to the extreme trauma imprinted negativity brain hides it in the recesses of the unconscious. People almost forget that it ever happened. However, he (negative) not only continues to exist, but it slowly accumulate a variety of ways. And once simple «straw breaks the back for a camel»: occasional glimpse of a funeral procession on the street or ordinary twilight suddenly cause quite inexplicable panic. This happens the first panic attack.

Then everything develops according to the principle of a snowball. Unexpected panic attack causes a person agitated about their health. Emotional stress increases many times and, as a consequence, leads to the emergence of new panic attacks. Emotional stress increases even more .... Is panic disorder. It gets even worse. Body misinterprets the cause of the panic, attributing to it the appearance of external circumstances. Formed the «wrong» conditional reflexes. So the person becomes afraid to travel outside of their city, then the district, and then his apartment... So there are a phobia that accompany panic disorder.

It is noteworthy that, with panic disorder root cause panic attacks usually remains unnoticed, it effectively «hides» the worries about health and phobias. The very same panic now begins to run quite ordinary bodily sensations that the people, when sane would not pay and attention: закололо in the chest, palms were sweating, cold feet, and so forth... So psychotherapy people suffering from panic disorders, consists of 2 important tasks: to reduce the alarming sensitivity - a tendency to focus on their bodily sensations, to re-evaluate their significance and to interpret as hazardous to health; to find, understand and resolve the root cause panic attacks (to avoid relapse).