Depression is widely distributed in the population (5-12% among men, 12-20% among women).

Herbal preparations are traditionally widely used in the treatment of emotional disorders. Natural psychotropic medications tend to contain extracts of Valerian, motherwort, peony, Lily of the valley, lemon balm, peppermint, hops, chamomile, hawthorn, elderberry. These drugs are effective for anxiety disorders and sleep disorders. For specific treatment of mood disorders by physicians for centuries medications are used St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum).

St John's wort is a plant «antidepressant». Effect of drugs on the basis of Hypericum extract due to the complicated biochemical composition and combination of several mechanisms of action:

inhibition of monoamine oxidase, inhibition of the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine. Its Latin name of the plant received from the "hyper", which means «excessive», and "eikon" - vision. Thus, even in

ancient times was known about психотропном action of this medicinal plant.

One of the advantages of drugs of Hypericum extract is the fast increase of the effect. Clinical experience shows that the first signs of the efficacy of drugs on the basis of Hypericum perforatum observed by the beginning of the 2nd week: improves mood, normalizes sleep, get a sense of activity, disappear depressive ideas.

The use of herbal antidepressants:

1. In elderly patients with comorbid somatic and neurological diseases and host about different medications.

2. The possibility of their use in pregnant and lactating women. Remember that 10% of pregnant women experience symptoms деперессии Pregnancy and lactation are also a major limitation in the use of synthetic антидепрессанов. During lactation use of drugs based on John's wort is relatively safe. On the face of the reception preparations Hypericum level of lactation is not reduced, the concentration of the drug in the milk is low, drugs do not cause delays in physical and mental development of the child.

3. In child and adolescent practice preparations on the basis of Hypericum extract is successfully used not only in depressive disorders, but also with neurosis, neurasthenia, insomnia. Synthetic psychotropic drugs in children can cause unnecessary sedation, decrease of cognitive functions and pathological oppression physical and emotional activity.

4. Patients with activities related to management mechanisms or by car. In this case, reception

synthetic antidepressants may introduce significant restrictions in the way of life of such patients. St. John's wort preparations not impair cognitive function (speed and accuracy of reaction, short-term memory)