Symptoms of winter depression, drowsiness, weakness, lethargy, loss of interest in the surroundings, increased appetite (especially attracted sweets), unwillingness to communicate with people. Doctors call this condition "seasonal affective disorders". The reasons for winter depression not yet fully understood, it is believed that it contributes to the emergence of short light day. Methods of struggle:

In the first place to fill in the lack of light. In winter daylight hours are very short, is a bit to adjust the mode of the day - to stand up and lie down before. After all, allowing yourself to sleep till noon, we are even more укорачиваем light day.

Doctors advise not to succumb to sleepiness and, on the contrary, slightly reduce the amount of sleep. This measure normalizes circadian rhythm, the violation of which is one of the reasons for winter depression. Spend more time outdoors, and let the weather outside, still there is more light than in the room.

If possible, make moving - put your workplace closer to the window.

Do not forget about the Solarium, Hiking in him will make you feel better.

One way to deal with depression are physical activity, they have a strong exposure to SSRIs antidepressant efficacy, after all, getting exercise, the body produces hormones of happiness - endorphins.

Not necessary to exhaust yourself in the gym. Enough and 15 minutes a day, the main thing that these loads are regular and frequent. You can dance to your favorite music, play with the kids outdoor games or just walk 2 stops.

Nutrition should abandon restrictive diets. Diet can aggravate winter depression. Doctors found that depression rarely affects people who are getting enough vitamins of group B. As they are not in a meatless products, beef and poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, marine fish.

But not to gain weight during the winter should be the correct approach to the selection menu. Replace simple carbohydrates complex. It is recommended to use: cereals, boiled potatoes, nuts, pasta from durum wheat. These products also contain enough carbohydrates. They are more nutritious than sweets and not so strongly influenced by weight. Instead of sugar, add tea honey - it is more useful.

Do not forget about vitamins and microelements. Eat more fruits and vegetables, particularly bananas and grapes. Drink lots of useful decoctions of dogrose berries, cranberries, Aronia, freshly squeezed juices.

Try to lead an active life. Go to theatres, cinema, exhibitions. Often meet friends and утраивайте parties.

Go to the sauna or steam bath - it will raise the mood and improve health.

Dilute gray everyday! Dress in bright colors, add them and in the interior of the apartment. Yellow awakens internal reserves; red and orange help to be more active, elevate mood and vitality. If you are very conservative, just one little detail of the rich colour - handkerchief, scarf, and a bracelet. Shopping and purchase a pair of bright dresses, undoubtedly, will be useful.

Refer to creativity. Remember their teenage hobby, can you earlier painted or sculpted, composed poems. Maybe you've always wanted to do something original. Now is the time, because an interesting hobby will help you to overcome the boredom and melancholy. And this is what we need in the fight against winter depression.

Cheer up you will help smells - aromatherapy is a great way to fight with a bad mood and loss of strength. You can take a bath with essential oils or with a massage. These procedures are well suited oils of sandalwood, Jasmine, geranium, lemon balm, all citrus.

Aromatic lamps and candles will create a cosiness, to the romantic mood and fill the room invigorating smell.

In the period of winter depression do not forget to enjoy small things. Allow yourself to eat a chocolate or cake, lie down on the couch and watch your favorite movie, little bit lazy. But all this is reasonable.

Try each new day will begin with a smile, looking for the positive in all things. Remember, winter depression is a seasonal phenomenon, the winter will come spring. And once again fall into place. The main thing is to protect and to love ourselves and then, no depression, you are not afraid.

When repeated bouts in the autumn-spring period, say about реккурентном seasonal depressive disorder. It requires, already, specialized treatment from a psychotherapist in ambulatory, and, sometimes, and stationary conditions.