From ancient times in the East and in the West, certain flowers regarded as symbols of the Supreme human "I". In China this flower was the "Golden flower"in India and Tibet - Lotus, in Europe and Persia - the rose.. Usually Higher "I" is symbolized already распустившимся flower, and though this image in nature is static, its visualization can serve as a good stimulus to awaken force. But even more stimulates the processes in the higher spheres of our consciousness dynamic image of the flower - the development of a Bud to open roses.

1. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax.

2. Imagine a rose Bush with lots of flowers and нераспустившихся buds... Now turn its attention to one of the buds. He is still completely closed, surrounded by the green Cup, but at the very top of the already noticeable pink tip. Fully focus on this image, keep it in the center of your awareness.

3. Now slowly green calyx begins to unfold. We can already see that it consists of separate bowl leaves, which are gradually moving away from each other, bent down, opening the rose petals that still remain closed. Sepals continue to unfold, and you already see the whole Bud entirely.

4. Now, the petals are also beginning to unfold slowly turning until't become fully blossomed flower... Try to feel the smell of the rose, feel its characteristic, she's the only one peculiar aroma.

5. Now imagine that on a rose fell ray of the sun. He gives her his heat and light... for some time and continue to hold in the center of his attention rose, lit by the sun.

6. Look in the heart of the flower. You see, there come a face of a wise being. It is full of understanding and love for you.

7. Talk to him about what is important for you in this time of my life. Do not hesitate to ask about what you now most concerned about. It may be some life problems, questions of choice and direction. Try to use this time to find everything you need. (You can even stop and write down what you learn. Try to develop and deepen the revelations were you given).

8. Now отождествите myself with a rose. Imagine. that you are the rose or absorbed all this flower... Realize that rose and wise being is always with you and that you can turn to them and to use some of their qualities. Symbolically - you are this rose, this flower. The same force that breathes life into the Universe and created a rose, gives you the opportunity to build some of your most cherished nature and everything that emanated from it.