1. Avoid thoughts, that you should always be perfect. Most people are afraid of public speaking because of fear of making a mistake in front of everybody. This anxiety increases the likelihood of errors. And they are not insured professional speakers. But they do not consider their mistakes obstacle to success.. Leave a mistake behind and move on. Remember that you can't fun for everyone in the audience. But errors positive side, they are a good stimulus for development. And the second time you did not do. Ask yourself: "What would happen to the worst, if I make a mistake?". The error will not lead to a death sentence.

2. Imagine the result you want. Those who are afraid to go in advance lose in the thoughts of his failure. They see themselves stammering, побледневшими or reddened, perhaps рыдающими, horrific audience with his stupidity. All laugh, whistling and the unfortunate victim remains nothing how to leave, disappear altogether... Stop. Tell yourself loudly: "Stop!" Sing, dance, read poems, to walk around the house - do anything distract ourselves from destructive thoughts. Can you imagine a situation in a ridiculous form, mentally put on your audience clown costumes or scrolling the situation at a fast pace.

3. Think about the content. Stop worrying about yourself and think about the report. You have something to say, and everyone wants to hear about it. Speak on a topic that you know well. And even if you зачитываете statistical data about crop damage, add in his speech something from yourself, for example, jokes. It is important that the theme you like, then the audience will feel your enthusiasm and appreciate your sincerity.

4. Love your listeners.

5. Leave the past behind. Some fear of audience was formed as a result of psychological trauma, often occurring in childhood. If some children's episode is the cause of fear, consult your physician specializing in the treatment of phobias. Don't be ashamed. Phobias are extremely common and cured in three to four sessions. Perhaps your fear is not a real phobia, but only the result of unsuccessful experiments. Remember: all good speakers have grown from not very good speakers speakers. They succeeded because decided with each new performance speak better and better.

7. Avoid stimulants.

8. Improve your image. Take care of your appearance. Tidy shoes and подстригитесь. Wear beautiful, fashionable, but not calling clothes.

9. Remember дыхании.Глубокое breath will provide your lungs and brain with oxygen and releasing the throat and chest, keeps sound of your voice.