Suicide is a deliberate manipulation means deprivation of life resulting in death. About suicidal trying to say in those cases when, due to the revaluation of the «lethality» or other method drank of the insufficient number of tablets jumped from a lack of height), intervention of third parties ( dropped neighbor came earlier than usual family, relatives) or accidents (broken rope jammed cartridge, not a window opened) death not yet come.

Suicidal behavior is characterized by the formation of installations to suicide.

1. Situational indicators: death of a loved one, divorce, unemployment, retirement, sexual violence, forced social isolation from family, friends, transfer, prison, unwanted pregnancy, «loss of face» - humiliation of adolescents.

2. Behavioral indicators: a sharp decline in activities of daily living, changing habits, non-observance of rules of personal hygiene, care of appearance, abuse of surfactants, escape-reactions - leaving home. The theme of the conversation, TV shows, and books connected with the themes of death, listening to the funeral music, getting things in order in the drafting of wills, gifting the personal things, settlement of long-standing conflicts.

3. Cognitive indicators: саморазрешающие installation, suicide, suicide, «tunnel vision problems, cognitive deficit, the negative triad: negative assessment itself, a negative evaluation of the surrounding world, the negative prospects for their future availability of a concrete plan of suicide.

4. Emotional indicators: experience grief, depressive mood.

5. Communication indicators: «I Want to die» - a direct message about suicidal intentions. «Soon it will all end in» - an indirect message. - A variety of jokes, irony on the theme of death.

Remember - in the majority of cases, the person deciding on suicide, still wants to be stopped. And the above mentioned indicators are signs, which allow the suspect and to prevent suicide.