Teen desperately needs Ideally, role model, a Mature man, who can be, and if he finds it in his immediate vicinity - a teacher, a mentor, a coach, it is unlikely that will keep looking. However, it is possible that the presence of two essential (and, unfortunately, not always sufficient) condition. The first is our ability to hold our personal ability to win the respect and trust. The second is the correct style of relationship with them: the next important point which needs to be addressed.

According to experts, the preferred type of power and, therefore, targeting a particular type of authority are clearly interconnected with a predominant style of relationship. It is known that all their diversity is divided into three major democratic, authoritarian and попустительский. The first of them - the democratic - mentors communicate with the adolescent friendly tone, correctly guide its behavior, praise and criticize, expressing simultaneously tips and suggestions, allow discussions about their orders and not addicted to underline its guideline. The second authoritarian communication is limited brief business orders without any explanation, is clearly and unpleasant, is based on the prohibitions without condescension, threats. Feelings and emotions of another disregarded, praised and criticized his mood, and in the relationship spend many forces for the maintenance of a certain "distance". When the last style - попустительском - in communications consistently implemented the principle of "do what you want".

From the point of view of the consequences of these styles relations it was proven long ago that the best of them (especially in adolescence) is a democratic style, to the maximum extent contributing to not only maintain normal relations with teenagers, but also formation of the last of such important qualities of a harmonious personality, initiative, responsibility, independence and activity. With this style of relationship inevitably included in them and in them, and proceeding) the educational process is carried out firmly and consistently, but flexible and efficient, with obligatory explanation of the motives of their claims and encouragement of their discussion, the power is used only in virtue of necessity, the rules are not dogmas, and the opinions of the adults - to the ultimate truth.

The style of mutual relations adults and adolescents is not just a means of keeping in contact with them, but also unique, but very effective method of upbringing - education relationships, and hence the formation and development of communicative skills of a teenager. It happens mainly because it is in dealing with older teenager and learn (more precisely, fixes all of our future models of behavior and style of relationships with people who turn determines their mental warehouse and finished the formation of personality traits and communicative skills.

An effective way of establishing and (most importantly) changes of communicative settings of students in the field of communication is a group discussion. Its essence consists in the fact that with a group of teenagers is organized discussion of the specific problems emerging in the process of communication, conflicts between partners to find solutions. The process of group discussion as follows:

definition and formulation of the problems;

) consideration of the facts from which it derives;

selection criteria for the evaluation of the solution;

consideration and evaluation of solutions;

) consideration of steps to take to implement the solution found.

The efficiency of group discussions depends on the skill of the teacher cause students to debate and lead it, i.e. to put encourage questions, to provide timely support to the participants, to formulate the conclusions of the discussion. Teacher of the acts and as the participant of the discussion, ie, he brings into the discussion constructive contribution. The group discussion method gives a great effect, since it allows students to Express their own point of view, to enrich information, experience in finding solutions to problems in the group. In addition, the discussion gives possibility for teenagers like myself, to try on their behaviour standards and norms, to make some adjustments in their beliefs about themselves and their behavior in the process of communication.

In some cases, the adults try to teach Teens what to do not know and do not know how. For example, it is natural that people who cannot cope with their emotions will not be able to teach a teenager. Parenting a teen perfectly detects gaps in education teacher. Knowing these gaps, teacher, too, becomes a disciple in the process of education is developing new wisdom. I think that the most essential quality for the head of the creative Association is a permanent interest in new knowledge, sense of humor, ability to critically evaluate their actions, be always sincere.

Only when each person will be treated as an individual and learn to appreciate him, then, and only then, can be real change. I wish the leaders of creative unions felt that they are the sources of knowledge and good for his players.