Adolescence is an important reconstruction of the educational activity of the student. With the General increase of the conscious attitude to the reality of a teenager growing conscious attitude toward the teachings associated with positive attitude towards real, profound knowledge.

In the process of mastering the basics of Sciences together with an enrichment of life experience and expanding horizons are formed and developed the interests of young people, and first of all the interests of cognitive character. Significantly develop socio-political interests. Interests in adolescence often take the form of serious Hobbies, this passion, which literally grabs adolescents, often with harm for all other activities.

Active curiosity and curiosity, greedy desire to know more typical for teenagers, can lead to instability of their interests. [20]

The nature of that changed, and forms of educational activity, the curiosity of the mind that growing require teen higher and more organized mental activity. The adolescent is able to more complex analytical-synthetic perception of objects and phenomena, perception becomes a planned, coherent and comprehensive.

Rather substantially changed in adolescence memory and attention. The main characteristic of adolescence strengthening arbitrary part of these functions.

In adolescence increases the overall trend on the formation of skills to organize and control their mental function, to manage them. Memory and attention gradually become organized, regulated and controlled processes. Teenagers begin consciously to use special techniques to remember and recall. Rote memorization is increasingly yielding to place logical, intelligent.

Describing the attention of a teenager, you need to remember contradiction in the development of his attention, on the one hand, in adolescence is formed persistent voluntary attention, from the other - a large number of experiences, feelings, storming activity and adolescent impulsiveness often lead to instability of attention, its quick distraction.

In adolescence significantly changed mental activity. The content of the subjects, and the logic of training courses require a new type of learning, resistance to independent thinking, the ability to abstract and generalize, compare, think, build conclusion, to prove. The main feature of mental activity teenager growing every year the ability to abstract, a change in the ratio between the specifically-the figurative and the abstract thinking in favor of abstract thinking.

In adolescence under the influence of educational work of the school and non-school establishments, under the influence of studying adolescents fundamentals of science begin to form and bright be the ability of children to a specific activity. This is because just a teenager occur deep, meaningful, persistent interests, formed a conscious and active attitude to what surrounds, develops independent, creative thinking.