What is stress? Stress is a normal physiological response to events that can potentially affect the health and well-being. In the body immediately starts many complex behavioural and chemical reactions that help us deal with the threat or run away from it.

Every day our brain attack negative information streams. Television, radio, Newspapers and the Internet increasingly report on the war, murder, robbery, theft, bankruptcy and poverty. We hear bad news and deserve our mind is formed бесчисленная mass phobias that makes us literally afraid to look out on the street. World presses on us from all sides, countless time in which we meet, like a vise compress our minds, we are afraid not to have time to live, and not afraid to live the way you want. All of these factors can and are the cause of stress.

When we meet with danger, real or imaginary, our brain activates protective mechanism: the hypothalamus begins to throw ACTH, adrenal glands, and under this influence, begin to produce adrenaline and cortisol, sets off a chain of reactions : thyroid gland begins to actively produce thyroxine increases the level of sugar (provides nutritional brain, heart and skeletal muscle), increased levels of cholesterol (to enhance the synthesis of steroid hormones), спазмируются vessels in the periphery and increase blood clotting - protection from loss of blood, increases the level of leukocytes in the blood, increases the concentration of hemoglobin in red blood cells - more oxygen - more power, tense muscles and create a muscular armor protects from penetrating injuries. All of these reactions are aimed at surviving.

The body translates any other body functions in standby mode, so temporarily weaken the reproductive, immune system, slows down cell division, the maximum of the resources is now aimed at strengthening the physical capabilities. Suffers, even the thinking of a person, because this ability we developed relatively recently, while the mechanism of protection is produced creatures for millions of years. At this moment the body is very important release formed in him voltage, «flee or fight», otherwise неотреагированная energy goes on the corporeal level, and cause a large number of somatic diseases (arterial hypertension, to bronchial asthma). Stress contributes to infertility and accelerates the aging process.

However, in moderate doses stress can even be beneficial for the person, if of course, he is a response to an objective threat and directs created tension in action, mental and physical activity. This is what helps us, at some time, be faster, stronger and hardier and overcome the danger (or run away from it).