For man, the most unpleasant, are two senses: uncertainty, which leads to the confusion, excitement, anxiety, stress and guilt.

Feelings of guilt may be subjective or objective, true and false, private and imposed. For a long time a person can stay in this condition, and therefore invented psychological pirouettes that eliminate that sense, most of which are made unconsciously. The main meaning of these manipulations, the preservation of inner balance and comfort, even, in fact, not changing the situation that gave birth to this feeling.

1. The position of the formalist: usually, for species, apologize, formally, the General phrases without investing in these words of repentance. After that, mentally, putting a check mark and continue as if nothing had happened, to communicate.

2. The position of the victim: in all your behavior shows that he's the victim, he will be the victim, that is his choice. Actively share their thoughts and ideas with other people.

3. The position of the aggressor: the displacement of guilt stronger affect of anger, irritation. A vicious circle: the more anger is more guilty, the more anger.

4. Position masochist: deliberate endowing itself with all the possible negative qualities, strengthening she is wrong, insolvency before the advent of denials from other people.

If you notice the guilty person of these symptoms, you should know that there is a process of protection (compensation). And once you come to a man, put a hand on his shoulder and say, «I understand not angry (not offended in thee,» then all the masks will be ripped off and you will see a man who sincerely repented.

Watch and see.