Depression and neurosis perfectly treatable frost, as low temperatures can enhance the content in the body «hormones of happiness», which, as we know, considered endorphins and serotonin.

Low temperatures also favour the increase of mental abilities. Under the influence of a frost flow of blood to the internal organs, including to the capillaries. Most women, and not only to them, over the years, there is a reduction of the capillary network, given that sport is engaged far from each. The enrichment of capillary blood increases and perfusion of other internal organs, and, hence, their saturation with oxygen and glucose. Surgeons, the first of the doctors, who turned his attention to the positive properties of low temperatures.

One of the methods of tempering is the old method of walking barefoot on the snow, especially because it is less dangerous than моржевание.Владея fluffiness and friable structure, and is also notable for the presence of the presence of the air gap, snow has a mild effect on the body. Regular quenched snow strengthens the respiratory, cardiovascular, angry system, immunity and body resistance to colds. In the acute exacerbation of diseases associated with joints, such as arthrosis and arthritis, again, the assistance may come cold.

Only it is not necessary to apply warming procedures for воспалившихся joints, better prepare ice compress. The sore place to put the towel, and the top accommodate an ice pack.

It will be enough to twenty minutes, and compress will help relieve swelling, pain, improve blood circulation. Help and a five-minute ice massage in which produced a circular motion around the sore spot, and then and the affected pain plot. Use this massage can be two to three times during the day, with breaks in time.