This article is not a scientific and applied character. Overcome anxiety or fear, as such, cannot be. How can one win abstraction? But you can «landed» them to drill down and eliminate all their manifestations, and this will be a victory in itself.

What levels can manifest anxiety or fears? Actually, an emotional level, which consists of affect, thoughts, anxious-phobic orientation and appropriate behavior.

Muscular level - manifested muscle Hyper, stiffness, spasms, inability to relax.

Vegetative level: органонеспецифический and органоспецифический.

Синестопатический level is varied skin sensations of burning, baking, burning, пробегания electric current, «running the crawling» and etc.

Соматоформный level: zudaschie medicine, a lump in my throat, etc.

Metabolic level - increased titers of ACTH, cortisol, thyroid hormones, cholesterol,bilirubin, glucose, and other metrics.

Important: notice initial initial manifestations of anxiety and track the entire cascade development anxious-phobic reactions. Coming with that passport at the reception competent professional, and we have, unfortunately, them a little, you first consultation will begin to targeted treatment. Watch yourself and it will bring you an invaluable advantage, because knowing the initial symptom and path (levels) spreading panic reaction, you, with the help of a doctor, be able to control them.